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Thermodynamics, An Engineering Aproach
Yunus A. Çengel, Michael A. Boles.

Chapter 1: Introduction and basic concepts.
Chapter 2: Energy conversion and general energy analysis.
Chapter 3: Properties of pure substances.
Chapter 4: Energy analysis of closed systems.
Chapter 5: Mass and energy analysis of control volumes.
Chapter 6: The second law of thermodynamics.
Chapter 7: Entropy.
Chapter 8: Exergy: A measure of work potential.
Chapter 9: Gas power cycles.
Chapter 10: Vapor and combined power cycles.
Chapter 11: Refrigeration cycles.
Chapter 12: Thermodynamic property relations.
Chapter 13: Gas mixtures.
Chapter 14: Gas-vapor mixtures and air-conditioning.
Chapter 15: Chemical reactions.
Chapter 16: Chemical and phase equilibrium.
Chapter 17: Compressible flow.

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